Click here to visit booking page!

Notice! Opens to a new browser window.

1. Select desired week with the arrow-buttons on top of the screen.
2. Click the small round dot on the right side of the desired day and time.
3. Write your full name, contact info (phonenumber or emailaddress) and other possible info on appropriate textboxes.
4. Write desired duration to "Duration" boxes in hours and minutes (90 min = 1 hour 30 minutes).
5. Click the "Save" button.

When booking make sure that you have at least two full days between your bookings.

Cancellation policy:

1. Cancellation more than one day before appointment —> free of charge
2. Cancellation on the same day as appointment —> late cancel fee - 20€
3. Not showing up at all —> No Show fee - 50€

Cancellations by email, phone or SMS